This website and all of the internal resources are designed to support those individuals, companies, schools, and other institutions who are actively involved in the promotion of the health, wellness, education of dancers. Though dancers, teachers, medical personnel, and others may have access to the site, affiliations with this site is at the institutional or organizational level.

To become an affiliate of the program and a full user of the website, you must be associated with an institution or an organization that implements a Dancer Wellness Program or other such dancer health initiative with the intent of promoting and using screenings, exposure tracking, injury tracking or a number of other related activities that are part of the website as well as abide by and agree to the terms and agreements.

Past history and experience with other institutions that have established such programs and are now using the website have shown that such programs do not present enormous contraints or demands on institutional resources. Some programs are very small and draw from limited resources while others are quite large and have extensive expertise. Professional companies and schools alike may be concerned about the requirements and the expertise needed to effectively implement such a program. This website and its various functions serves to assist such endeavors. There are several resources available on the implementation of Dancer Wellness Programs, Screenings, and other valuable related programs.

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